Arthurlie Manager Craig Palmer had this to say about Saturday’s defeat at home to Cambuslang Rangers:

“Before the game on Saturday we spoke about it at length, how important a game this was to try start a bit of momentum, but on the game itself it’s probably my lowest point ever being involved in football whether as a player or coach. There was no positives to take at all.

”I have defended and believed in these players but Saturday was unacceptable at any level of football and the boys know that. No disrespect to Camby they came, were organised and fully deserved to leave with 3 points, but the manner in which we gave it to them was a shambles.

”I don’t think they came out of 2nd gear. I simply can’t defend that performance. Whether I had 5/6 missing is not a good enough excuse, lots of clubs are in the same boat, yes we have had no luck at all player wise so far.

”But this was a chance for boys who had not been playing to stake a claim. I myself had a bad weekend digesting this and having a right good think, but it’s done now and can’t be changed. I can only apologise to fans, committee and everyone else connected to club.

”We all need to have a right good look at ourselves and I can tell you that we as a squad will put it right no matter what has to be done. There are ways to lose and that was absolutely miles away from it. Cheers”